Posted by: ramrajya | April 27, 2008

Hindu and India cannot be separated.

Hindu and India cannot be separated.

During the inaugural function of Benaras Hindu University, Dr.Annie Besent told that during 40years, she had learned a lot from the world about all the religions and come to a conclusion that there are no other religion equivalent to Hindu religion. She told that Hindu religion itself containing the doctrines of Scientific, Divinely and truth nature of studies. She added there is no wrong in telling that Hindu and India cannot be separated.
Dr.Annie Besent started studying Indian scriptures, religious texts and was drawn by the catholicity of Bhagavad-Gita and the Upanishads. She got acquainted with Hindu manners and customs.

She became the President of in Indian National Congress 1917, a greatest honour bestowed in those days by an elected body Mrs. Besant and Tilak worked together till his death. Dr. Annie Besant was the foremost woman leader, India had seen in pre-Independence era. Born in London of Irish Parentage in 1847, she earned fame early, due to her eloquence, social work and radical views. George Bernard Shaw hailed her as Europe’s best orator.

She wanted her cremation at Banaras on the banks of Ganga river. But she died at Adyar (Madras). Her last wish could be fulfilled only by taking her ashes to Banaras and immersed in Ganga carried with reverence by a huge procession in 1933. She was eighty-six. Her words still remain in the ears of all Indians. Hindu and India cannot be separated. As a remembrance of Annie Besent all Indians must keep up her words in safeguarding our Hindu values.


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