Posted by: ramrajya | April 28, 2008

India invaded by Muslims from Tenth Centaury. [Part-1]

India invaded by Muslims from Tenth Centaury. [Part-1]

Due to the invasion of Muslims to India from tenth centaury, the immemorial systems, rule and customs for Indian people were subjected to a series of rude shocks and in course of time underwent certain modifications. For nearly eight centauries the activities of her Muslim rulers practically dominated the pages of Indian History. But the old Indian life weathered the prolonged and, at times severe storm, and still endures little changed. The fact is no true or permanent union has ever taken place between Hindus and Muslims.

Although the original conquerors were foreigners, viz., Turks, Persians, Afghans and Mughals, the present Muslim population is almost as Indian as the Hindus, owing to the intermarriage of the invaders with Hindu women.

The Arabs do not figure among the Muslim conquerors of India. It is true they are attracted by stories of great wealth and luxury of the land in India. They made a few raid by sea along the western coast in the seventh centaury, but there object was plunder they left no permanent walk. Muhammad the Qasim conducted a more spectacular expedition. This ardent youth of seventeen years marched at the head of picked troops from Chaldea, through Makran, along the Persian coast and penetrated in to the Sind, capturing Multan in 712. But he incurred the displeasure of the Khalifa and was recalled, disgraced and finally executed.
This early Arabs invasion likewise of barren of results


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