Posted by: ramrajya | May 1, 2008

BJP’s Gujarat Victory will continue in Karnataka.

BJP’s Gujarat Victory will continue in Karnataka.

With the present UPA Government unable to restrict the inflation and since all the commodities prices are raising to sky, the people of Karnataka will definitely going to vote for BJP for a change.

As per Newspapers report, the BJP thinks to keep a focus on Deve Gowda as a “scare figure” that would evoke fears of political instability. Gowda’s brinkmanship and his opposition to infrastructure projects like the Bangalore-Mysore expressway and a metro for the state capital would go down as a negative for voters other than his own caste supporters.
Even Sonia, PM, Rahul and other top leaders of Congress may campaign at Karnataka, but it will not give any fruitful results to Congress like Gujarat.

BJP sources said there was palpable voter anger over the spurt in prices of food grain and vegetables while the rising cost of cement and steel had both the middle classes and industry worried. The party has already published comparative charts of prices when the UPA came to power and rates prevailing at present The surveys conducted by the party indicate that the BJP can gain at the expense of JD (S) in the elections. BJP hopes JD (S) gets squeezed out in a Congress-BJP tussle.

There is also a misunderstanding regarding communalism. Communalism is not a set of specific policies such as the building of a temple at Ayodhya or the enactment of a uniform civil code. Communalism is basically an ideology, a belief system, a way of looking at society and polity. Various policies acquire a communal character only when they are articulated with a communal ideology. Communalism is also not to be confused with communal violence, which is an indirect product of the spread of communal belief system among the people.
Regarding the present Central Government, Many see it
as some sort of right-of-the-center Christian Democratic type of party with some religious or cultural appeal for Hindus.

Basic character of B.J.P. is to enlighten the people that Hindu religion is not a set of dogmas but a series of practical moral values to be realised in life.

B.J.P. will definitely protect the people if voted for power in Karnataka.


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