Posted by: ramrajya | May 5, 2008

E.V.R. [Leader. Dravidar Kazhagam] hatred speeches aimed at Tamil and Tamil literatures.

E.V.R. [Leader. Dravidar Kazhagam] hatred speeches aimed at Tamil and Tamil literatures.
1. By reading Tamil, you will become only an exponent of Religion and you cannot become an intellectual Person. If one man reads Tamil more and more his eyes will only read the back side of his body and he cannot able to see the frontside.
[Vidutalai News paper. 15-10-1962]
2. Because of your praising Tamil, whether one horn will grow for it? If I say no God prayer is required, immediately you are creating Tamil Mothers prayer, is it correct to justify foolishness with one other?
[Viduthalai. 13-4-1972]

3. By Tamil litratures, we become idiots…
[Viduthalai. 13-10-1967]

4. For creating to the level of General knowledge, there is nothing in Tamil.
[Periyar E.V.R. Thoughts. Portion.II]

5. Not only there is no Tamil literature created, but also there is no rare creative literature available in Tamil.
[Periar Computer. Portion II]

The Atheist group in Tamil Nadu Greets E.V.Ramasamy Naicker as “Thanthai Periyaer”. But you can see from periyar speeches, how much he degraded the Tamil language and the Tamil people. There are several literatures available in Tamil like Thirukkural, Silappathikaram, Athichoodi, Naladiar, Kamba Ramayanam and a lot of other similar literatures. Periyar rejecting those Tamil literatures, because they are praising the God.

In all the countries, the literatures of the concerned country are praising about their God and Religion. Are the leader’s of that country are telling, whether the people reading their literatures are fool?

Men are judged by Manners.


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