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When Relations with Kashmir issue going to be be resolved ?

When Relations with Kashmir issue going to be be resolved ?

It is clear that the Homeland Muslims, for which Jinnah had struggled is in effect being used as an instrument for creating and maintaining tension with India and adding stress to the later’s economy. Subversion and arming of Indian Nationals are resorted to as in the case of the Nagas and Mizos. These and similar other actions couple with its negative responses to India’s offers of friendship and no-war pacts are good enough indication of the lack of desire on the part of Pakistan for friendship relations with the neighbour.

In Jannuary 1950 the Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru first offered a no-war pact and for many other reasons, he wrote in a letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan “it is enevitable that many issues arise between the two countries which require settlement. A firm declaration that will in any event settle them by peaceful methods will itself be a great service to our teo countries and the world, because it will remove fear of war from the minds of our people.” This led to a corrospondence between the two Prime Ministers which lasted nearly a year. The Prime Minister of Pakistan viewed the matter differently. He argued that such a declaration would not eliminate tension which was caused by the continuance of the Kashmir issue and other Indo-Pakistan problem. He proposed that there should be a clear cut proceedure with an agreed time-table which would make it binding on both Governments to carry through the settlement of their disputes to its peaceful conclusuion. For example from the date declaration two months could be allowed for negotiations and another two months for mediation if negotiations failed , afterwhich the unresolved dispute or disputes should be referred automatically to arbitration.
Nehru saw no objection to a justiciable dispute like the one relationg to evacuee propertybeing referred to arbitration, after other methods of settlement had failed. But political Disputes like the one relationg to Kashmir, he added could be settled in
the last resort only by agreement between the two Governments. No reply was forth coming from the Pakistan Prime Minister to Nehrus simple question

Prime Minister Vajpayee about Kashmir issue.

Prime Minister Vajpayee clearly spelt out India’s approach to relations with Pakistan in his comments to the visiting general in Agra. He spoke of the need for a “comprehensive view” of Indo-Pakistan relations involving a “broad based” approach to our relations. He candidly referred to problems posed by Pakistani support for terrorism in Kashmir and elsewhere. He also dwelt at length on issues of concern in India like the continued detention of Indian PoWs, the haven and support provided by Pakistan to people involved in the Bombay bomb blasts and in organized crime like Dawood Ibrahim, the hijackers of IC 814 and to residual terrorist elements who have been engaged in terrorist activities in Punjab.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about Kashmir issue.

When the Manmohan Singh-Musharraf meeting took place, its outcome was measured in terms of the Pakistani agenda and Pakistani demands. The media story was that India rejected a pullout of troops from the terrorist-infested Kupwara and Baramulla districts or a reduction in army deployments across the valley. In other words, India was cast negatively, with Pakistan proposing steps for ‘forward movement’ and India rejecting them.

1 March 2006

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has initiated talks with different Kashmiri groups and leaders in order to broaden the ongoing dialogue. The 25 February roundtable conference was the first significant beginning in this regard. Apart from the conference, PM Singh has separately met with Kashmiri leaders like Yasin Malik and discussed steps towards resolving the Kashmir issue.

BJP leader L.K. Advani about Kashmir Issue.

Mr. Advani said though the Kashmir problem would take time to resolve, he was optimistic that a day would come when India and Pakistan would form a confederation to solve the issue.
He stressed that cross-border terrorism was the bone of contention in the peace process.

Still the kashmir issue between the two contries is unsolved and standing as a question Mark. We don’t know who is going to bell the cat?


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