Posted by: ramrajya | May 6, 2008

Aryans are native of Bharatam only.

Aryans are native of Bharatam only.

“Arya” word emphasis, Noble, Respected, High-born, elderly, Cultured and denotes the people, who believed in and lived up to a well-defined cultural systems. The problem of the Aryas has become insoluble because it is based on the assumption of a common language, a common race and a common Home. All these are mere guesses. There is no archaeological or any other proof to support these guesses. A study of the Indian literature, religion, philosophy, society and political economic organizations clearly shows that the Aryas of India and the so-called Indo-Europeans of Europe and other parts of Asia belonged to the entirely different civilizations.
The similarity of languages is superficial and cannot be taken to be the basis of a common home. Therefore, there is no sense in the theory that the Aryas lived originally in one single home outside India. They were undoubtedly the natives of India.
We have to see, in the huge Sanskrit literature there is no mention of any place outside India, from which Aryas could have migrated here. On the contrary, the authors of the Vedas, the Purina’s and the Epics declare their deep love and devotion to their mother land Bharata, and invest it with all holiness. They also describe in the Rig-Veda-the earliest literary work of mankind-their home, particularly, the Sapta-Sindhu region, to fully and in so many details as to leave the doubts about their being the sons of this Sacred soil.
The whole subject of the Aryan problem is a farrago of linguistic speculations or archaeological imaginations complicated by racial prejudices and
chauvinistic xenophobia.
On the evidence of Puranas, scholars like F.E.Pargiter have shown that the Aryas went of India and settled different parts of the earth. They are originators of all early civilizations. This view is further supported by the evidence of common place names, names of rulers, gods, social systems of common life’s and practices of the people of Sumerian, Egypt, Persia and other ancient civilizations.

There is no doubt about the fact that Aryas lived in Bharatam from the times immemorial.


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