Posted by: ramrajya | May 6, 2008

B.J.P. to be voted in Karnataka Elections.

B.J.P. to be voted in Karnataka Elections.

In Karnataka Congress has ruled over several times but no progress was seems to be achieved. Now the families of Prime Minister H.D.Deva Gowda, former C.M. S. Bangarappa and former Karnataka chief minister and BJP leader B S Yeddyurappa were standing in the poll scene. Whoever stands in the election, first they must think over the people’s problem like to control the rising prices of all commodities, which common people are daily using for their living.
While B.J.P was in power in central Governm
ent, the prices of all commodities were under control. In the name of secularism the oppositions joined hand and brought down the B.J.P. Government but of no use. In India-US Nuclear deal, the left in UPA and Congress were unable to take a final decision. Congress was unable to take a firm decision on any policy matter due to the interference of alliance parties.

In Rajiv assassination case, Congress/I brought down the UF government after Gujral rejected its demand that the DMK, the Tamil Nadu-based party allegedly linked to Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, be expelled from the UF coalition. As neither Congress/I nor the BJP could form a coalition government, new elections were called for February– March 1998. Now the Congress and D.M.K. are holding hand in UPA Government.
During NDA regime India emerged as an IT giant with Bangalore as its hub.
BJP ruled states are the top rankers when it comes to implementation of Central welfare schemes like NREG.
The much acclaimed growth rate of the UPA Government will give you a different picture if State wise figures are taken into consideration.
The States ruled by the BJP or the NDA have a much higher growth rate than the States ruled by the Congress or UPA constituents.
Gujarat is a State which BJP ruled for 12 years. When people analyse the 12 years of BJP rule in Gujarat with 30 years of CPM rule in West Bengal or15 years of RJD rule in Bihar or with 10 years of Congress rule in Madhya Pradesh, they find a stark contrast between the Governments run by other parties and by the BJP.
If we compare the development undertaken by the BJP led NDA Government in 6 years and by the Congress for nearly 50 years it becomes evident that only the BJP led NDA could provide a meaningful and sustainable development since Independence.

The BJP promises the people of Karnataka that it would leave no stone unturned in ushering in an era of comprehensive development in the State and no section of the society would be left untouched from its effect.

As a Indian faith in India and its cultural values, Vote for B.J.P. in Karnataka without fear or favour.


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