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Ramu-Somu Jokes [13-22]

Ramu and Somu Jokes! [13-22]

{Jokes From India}

13. Ramu: Sir..! In opposition party Meeting one leader is talking like a mad man without any reference to what he is talking. He now wants to join our party, what do you say Sir..?
Somu: Ask him to come and join our party immediately. We want such persons only for the Election Propaganda..!

14. Ramu Sir..! How you have been elected as Council member without understanding the Constituency Position..?
Somu: No…No..! I went all along the Constituency and paid more than what the Opposition candidate spent for a single Vote..!

15. Ramu: Sir..! You have told me that your son got good employment and gone to foreign. Then why you are postponing the marriage? Do it immediately..!
Somu: You are telling easily, at my present old age, who will give me a girl for second marriage…?!

16. Ramu: Sir..! Our constituency member while opening the school building told that his ambition in life was fulfilled…!
Somu: What is that..?
Ramu: In his young age he never stepped into a school even for Rain..!

17. Ramu: Sir..! You said that the Council member’s son was not able to grasp his studies, what he is doing now..?
Somu: His father opened a Brandy shop for him and he is now grasping the Brandy well…!

18. Ramu: Sir..! That Police Inspector is going in mufti to the illicit liquor manufacturing area for ride. Whether he will not have any fear there..!
Somu: Yes he will have fear, but he told me that he will look all-around and consume one bottle immediately..!

19. Ramu: Sir..! I think your son is a shy type..?
Somu: Where you have seen him..?
Ramu: At Beach only. On seeing me he immediately hides himself in the back of a Girl..!

20. Ramu: Sir..! I have told my son, that as per his horoscope prediction, he can get married only after six months..!
Somu: What he has told..?
Ramu: He says after six months if I become a grand father, how his marriage will be celebrated..?!
21. Police Inspector: How you have made that theft in the opposite house of my police station..?
Thief: Sir..! I thought that there is no other better security place than this one..!

22. Ramu: Sir..! Now only I realize it is unfortunate to marry a Political leaders Daughter..!
Somu: Why..?
Ramu: After marriage she has amended Reservation policy in my house also. For me Kitchen and for my Mother front verandah..!




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