Posted by: ramrajya | May 13, 2008

Ramu-Somu JOKES [1 to 12]

Ramu and Somu Jokes! [1 to 12]

[Jokes from India]
1. Ramu: Sir..! You have told me that you are going to leave the politics, what are you Going to do afterwards…?
Somu: I am going to write research essays about Murder, Looting , kidnapping and
2. Ramu: Sir..! Is there any problem with your United party Leaders in Policy matters..?
Somu: Nothing serious…! Only how to share the Income after winning the Election and capturing the power…!

3. Ramu: Sir…! Why our party Leader without any dignity and respect joining with
Opposition Party…?
Somu: The opposition party Leader is also having the same quality..!

4. Ramu: Sir…! See that Baby is jumping to anybody who is having currency notes in
their hand..?
Somu:Sir..! Don’t tell loudly…! It is our party leader’s child…!

5. Ramu: Sir…! Our leader is a symbol for removing caste system…!
Somu: How do you know…?
Ramu He has married four Girls from each caste to remove the caste system…!

6. Ramu: Sir..! Why our Leader is standing again for Election in the same
Somu: Oh…! Within five years of Rule, he cannot able to acquire the entire village Common land in his name…!

7.Ramu: Sir..! Why our leader is crying in the stage that he will stand to fight for self –Respect…?
Somu: Nothing new sir, his wife today told him to do some domestic work and then go outside, he could not able to refuse the same in her presence…!

8. Ramu: Sir..! To-day in the public Meeting, the opposition party people throw egg on Our leaders face…whether he was worried for the same..?
Somu: No Sir…! Our leader says, when he was a student, his Master put several egg
Marks on his answer paper’s and for the same also he never worried…!

9. Advocate: Sir…! If you give me the fees what I have asked, I will definitely get you Released in the Murder case…!
Politician: Don’t worry about money, I will tear of anybody’s head and give you the Money without fail…!

10. Ramu: Sir..! Whether the Activist caught in the police Watch…?
Somu: No Sir..! It is the Activist Watch in which he has mingled the Time- Bomb..!

11. Ramu: Sir…! My office manager will not do anything without consulting me in the office..!
Somu: Oh…Is he so much co-operative with you…?
Ramu: Yes Sir..! He will ask me whether I have slept, and then only he will go for sleep…!

12. Ramu: Sir..! How this head injury happened to you..?Whether you have travelled
Without Helmet and slipped down …?
Somu: No Sir..! Without helmet I have gone inside the kitchen and asked my wife, Why the Tiffin was not ready…?






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