Posted by: ramrajya | May 14, 2008

Ramu-Somu Jokes [23 to 29]


Ramu and Somu Jokes![23 to 29]
[Jokes from India]

23. Ramu: Sir..! I have gone to parrot Astrologer for knowing about my future. Then only, I realized the terrific future..!
Somu: Is any bad about your future..?!
Ramu: Not mine sir..! The future of the Astrologer. When he opened the parrot cage, without taking the Astrology card the bird fly away..!
24. Ramu: Hey Pakkiri..! Don’t beat your son. If he is not willing to continue his education, train up him with your method of Job..!
Pakkiri: Sir..! I have already given training to him in my method of work. But he pickpocketted the money from my own pocket itself..!
25. Ramu: Sir..! I have purchased a Costly shirt, but it is very loose sir..!
Somu: Don’t worry..! If it is loose only, it will match you perfectly..!

26: Ramu: Sir..! Being a great leader yourself, people are talking wrongly about you, that you have set up one small house..!
Somu: Let them talk wrongly, but you don’t tell correctly that how much I am having..!

27. Ramu: Sir..! Our Govindan is now the District Secretary of that political party..!
Somu: Why you are worried about that..?
Ramu: Not that sir..! He doesn’t know how to catch the knife and cycle chain then how he can become the District Secretary..?!

28. Ramu: Sir..! Now Krishnan is standing for the council election, about his honesty,
I am having doubt..!
Somu: Why you are having doubt..?
Ramu: Last election he promised to give me Rs.1000 for voting, but he gave me hundred rupees only..!

29. Ramu: Sir..! In the opposition party public meeting, they are talking a lot of indecent words..!
Somu: Don’t worry..! I think they might have talked about their parties Doctrine..!




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