Posted by: ramrajya | May 15, 2008

Ramu and Somu Jokes! [30-37]

Ramu and Somu Jokes! [30-37]
{Jokes from India}

30. Ramu: Sir..! My uncle wants to have marriage alliance for his son with your daughter. He says that his son is a quite boy without any bad habits and a sincere type..!
Somu: No…No..! I am a political party leader; a quite boy with the type you have told will not match for my daughter as my son-in-law..!

31. M.L.A: Teacher..! When I was studying at your school you call me as idiot , fool and so on, do you remember me now..?
Teacher: Why not..? Even though you are now a Member of Assembly, by seeing your face itself, I have recognized that…!

32. Ramu: Sir..! Our party leader was released in bail to-day..!
Somu: In which case has he got bail..? Whether for counterfeit, forgery, blackmail or for black marketing..?!

33. Ramu: Sir..! Our leader has written a letter to all party members for keeping vigil in the coming Election..!
Somu: What has he written..?
Somu: He has asked all the members to be vigil and if the opposition party members put one counterfeit Vote, we must put two..!

34. Ramu: Sir..! That M.L.A. will say Jokes in the public meeting to make the people laugh..!
Somu: I think what he is talking in the Assembly, the same he is talking in the public..!

35. Ramu: Doctor..! Why are you looking for the palmistry of the patient..?
Doctor: I want to know whether the patient will be alive after my operation..?!

36. Ramu: Sir..! Why does the Police Inspector not take any action on the complaint by the House Owner, who lost all his jewels..?
Somu: The Police Inspector says that he has not received any information from the thief..!

37. Patient: Doctor..! When will my breathing trouble stop..?

Doctor: If you don’t take anything including liquid drink’s for complete three days, your breathing will stop automatically..!


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