Posted by: ramrajya | June 3, 2008

Karunaidhi must throw his Yellow Towel, before asking millions of Hindus to erase their faith in Ram-Sethu Bridge.

Karunaidhi must throw his Yellow Towel, before asking millions of Hindus to erase their faith in Ram-Sethu Bridge. 

                            On sentiment reasons, Karunanidhi always weara Yellow towel on his shoulder for a very long period. He was unable to leave the yellow towel and telling to others that Buddha was also having the yellow Towel. When such was his strong sentiment in wearing the ordinary yellow Towel, How the millions of Hindu community people will erase the faith in the Ram-Sethu Bridge? They believe, it was constructed by Lord Rama and his followers. The Indian ancient History shows several evidences in connection with Ram-Sethu. The Tamilnadu Government is also having authentic survey records about the Ram-Sethu land mass between Srilanka and Dhanushkodi.  Karunanidhi an atheist not having belief on Lord Rama on Sunday 1-6-2008, issued an appeal through a poem to agitators of Sethu samudram project, urging them to allow the scheme in the interest of Tamil Nadu.

He says, he had worked tirelessly for the uplift of the Nation and his mother tongue, but he must also respect the sentiments of Hindu community people. When he was having faith on other religions, he must also give respect to the Indian Nation and its Vedic cultural sentiments. There are several people in Tamil Nadu who have already worked tirelessly for the uplift of the Indian Nation and Tamil language.  Makavi Subramania Barathiar, Thiru Vi.Ka. U.Ve. saminatha Iyer, Muthuramalinga Thevar and several other eminent Tamil scholars worked tirelessly and they never interfered in the belief of any religion.


In the interest of free flow of traffic in Marina Beach, the previous A.I.A.D.M.K. Government removed the Kannagi Statue which was erected in the mid-way of the Marina approach road. Even the then Tamil Nadu Government assured that the removed Statue will be erected in a proper place.Karunanidhi was unable to tolerate this action and created several agitations through his party. After coming to power he immediately reinstalled the Kannagi statue in the same place itself. When such was the situation, how Karunanidhi making his appeal to the several millions of Hindu community, to forget the Ram-sethu issue which is mingled in their heart. 


  Moreover in his application, the Janata Party leader alleged that Baalu’s family controlled firm — Meenam Fisheries Ltd — having fishing and shipping interest in the Palk Strait and Gulf of Mannar area, would “benefit tremendously from the implementation of the project.”  He said this was the reason why the shipping minister was probably pushing for early commencement of the project, which had been stalled on the interim orders of the apex court.”


 Now in the interest of several millions of Hindu community people, if Karunanidhi make arrangements to shift the dredging work without disturbing the Ram-Sethu Bridge, he will be definitely appreciated even by millions of followers of Lord Ram. No Hindu is ever standing as hindrance to the Rs. 2,427 crore projects and all of their humble appeal to Karunanidhi is that the Ram-Sethu should not be destroyed and the canal way may be shifted to some other place. Ram-Sethu is a monument and a worshipful place of Hindu Community like Muslims “Kabaa” and Christians Jerusalem.


 All Hindu community people with folded hands request Karnanidhi not to destroy the ancient monument of Ram-Sethu with atheist mind or for some other reasons like families benefit.


Our ambition is in his present age of 85years; Karunanidhi must stand as a symbol of well wisher to all the community and get a memorable name by safe guarding the Ram-Sethu Bridge, which is regarded as a part of our country’s history.




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