Posted by: ramrajya | June 4, 2008

Home of Learning is only the Kashmir.


Home of Learning is only the Kashmir.


On the Way to Yousmarg

 Indian Independence bill was passed through British House Of Lords in the middle of 1947, the Liberal Peer; Lord Samuel hailed it as a peace of treaty without War. By 15th August all that had been Maharaja Harisingh achieved was a stand of still agreement in Kashmir problem.
From the very beginning of the Independence itself Pakistan was very particular about Kashmir and invaded Kashmir with the help of its tribe’s men. The Indian troops were flown in and after a fortnight they beat back the invaders. Still it is continuing in Kashmir with terrific war with Gun by Pakistan activists. They are targeting Hindu places and Temples and daily killing innocent peoples.
Further to the above, I am now going to tell something about the glorious State of Kashmir in 6th century. Kashmir is a very beautiful land with full of lakes and mountains rather like an Indian Switzerland. At the time of Independence Maharaja Harisingh was the ruler of Kashmir. His grandfather had been allowed to buy Kashmir from British, who had inherited it from the Sikh Kingdom of the Punjab. Nehru’s ancestors had come from Kashmir. But realistically, Nehru hated the thought of an India divided by religion.
The famous fourth council of Buddhist scholars was held in “Kundalarana Vihara”in Kashmir. By 6th century A.D. “Mihirgula” of the cruel Huna dynasty came to Kashmir and he was given shelter by the King of Kashmir. Huna killed his benefactor and captured the throne of Kashmir. After him the powerful “Karkota” dynasty was established in Kashmir. The Karkota family was displaced by the “Utpalas” of whom “Avantivarman” helped in constructing temples, lakes and beautiful towns in Kashmir.
After Utpalas the “Loharas” came to power and ruled Kashmir for 125 years. Queen Didda of this family ruled from 958-1000.Kahmir was the Home of learning and culture. Buddhist monasteries were built during the period of Ashoka and Kanishka
During those days, a special school of “Shaivism” was developed by Kashmir famous scholars like Vasugupta, Kallata, Somanda, Utpala etc., on the basis of Shiva-Sutras, a revealed text.

Our prayer is we must get peace in Kashmir.





 Kashmir Pictures.

 River Jehlum.JPG


 Holy Amarnath Cave
































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