Posted by: ramrajya | June 23, 2008

Karunanidhi’s support may be for his family rule only.

Karunanidhi’s support may be for his family rule only.


DMK president M Karunanidhi on Saturday [21-6-2008] night said he would go to New Delhi to play a possible mediatory role to resolve differences between the Congress and the Left parties over the Indo-US nuclear deal.  “If there is a parting of ways (between the Congress and the Left), it will only result in a victory for the communal forces.


Tamilnadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi may be telling this communal forces story for the sake of his family rule only. If CPM and CPI are not having any self respect and having no faith in Peoples democracy in India, they can join hands with Karunanidhi’s words. The present soaring prices of all commodities and the UPA Governments inability to control the prices, the common citizens in India are put into lot of problems in running their day-to-day  family and are worried about the present Governments policy in every thing including N. deal with U.S.


About Karunanidhi’s family rule Jeya TV has stated as under:-

The Jeya TV, owned by Jeyalalithaa, the Leader of the AIADMK has created a huge controversy in Tamil Nadu openly labeling    Kanimozhi daughter of Karunanidhi as a supporter of the LTTE. Kanimozhi’s name was linked with the LTTE at a time when the Tamil Tiger leadership took a crucial decision to spend millions of dollars to buy influence using bribes both in the United States of America and India, two countries it has decided very crucial to win its separatist war in Sri Lanka. Some Indian allies of this move, Nachimuttu Socrates a rich Tamil Nadu Engineer living in the United States and Tamil Nadu based Catholic priest Gasper Raj have been close associates of Kanimozhi in various activities , the Jeya TV has alleged.

Kanimozhi co-manages a cultural center called Tamil Maiyam that organized a cultural show in February called Chennai Sangamam. Jeya TV has alleged that the Tourist Department has been ordered to support the Rupees 10 mllion show. The founder of the Tamil Maiyam is the Catholic priest named Gasper Raj who claimed he was helping to fuse Mozart with Carnatic music. The Catholic priest did not have any difficulty in joining Kanimozhi since she is a strong non-believer in the pantheon of Hindu gods. Jeya TV reported that the priest Gasper Raj and Nachimuttu Socrates who was among the eight people arrested by the FBI in a sting operation in the United States for offering millions of dollars to lift the ban of the terrorist group in the United States and obtain various classified documents regarding the LTTE were working very closely with Kanimozi.

By agreeing to the US Nuclear deal, India has to accept US intervention in every nuclear project in India. The US is compelling India to be a military partner and share the unpleasant consequences of its misadventures. In India’s present growing inflation situation there is no necessity to support the N.Deal. Karunanidhi may be telling to agree to the N.Deal for safeguarding his family rule. The left Parties must think well and they must oppose the Nuclear pact with U.S or the Congress Govt should withdraw its acceptance for the Agreement.





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