Posted by: ramrajya | June 30, 2008

NRI’s can learn and teach Tamil to their Children thro online.

NRI’s can learn and teach Tamil to their Children thro online.

 From the News papers report, The Tamil Nadu state government’s move to launch online Tamil text books to make up for possible delay in distribution of school text books has found an unexpected audience among NRIs.
   Tamils abroad have started logging on to the site to teach their children their mother tongue, while people from other states have found in it an opportunity to learn Tamil. In the case of Malayalees, the site offers a bit of their mother tongue, which is taught in some of the schools in Tamil Nadu.

The website has posted around 348 textbooks of Classes I to XII and 44 more will be added soon. Three textbooks for students of Class X matriculation stream and nine for Class X Anglo Indian stream are among the many study materials available.
   “My children were born in Lagos in Nigeria. Getting Tamil teaching material is a bit difficult. So whenever we used to come to Tamil Nadu, we used to ask our kids to read cartoon strips from Tamil magazines. Now, my children find it easier to learn Tamil by logging on to the website,” said Chidambaresan, who left Coimbatore 15 years ago.
   “Their recitation of ‘Neerarum kadal udutha’, the invocation to Mother Tamil, still sounds funny. But we are happy that they are learning the language fast. It is a good initiative from the government,” he said.

 It is not only Tamilians who are benefited by the website, but people of other Indian states living abroad. “I am a computer engineer living abroad and I brought my family along a few months after my kid was born last year.


This website of the Tamil Nadu government was referred to me by my friends and I was surprised to see Malayalam content also in it. Now my wife teaches my son using the website,” said Vinayan, who works in Virginia, USA.


For the help of Indians living abroad, we are giving herewith the web sites URL for teaching Tamil to their children and those who do not well versed with Tamil can also benefit by these web sites.

 “Learning makes a man fit companion for him.”



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