Posted by: ramrajya | July 3, 2008

Control Your Monkey Mind.

Control your Monkey Mind.

Controlling the Monkey Mind is a guide to Pure Land practice. Loving-kindness (courage spirit), Compassion (pity to another), Sympathetic Joy (sympathy), Equanimity (temper) These four attitudes are said to be excellent or sublime because they are the right or ideal way of conduct towards living beings They provide, in fact, the answer to all situations arising from social contact. They are the great removers of tension, the great peacemakers in social conflict, and the great healers of wounds suffered in the struggle of existence. They level social barriers, build harmonious communities, awaken slumbering magnanimity long forgotten, revive joy and hope long abandoned, and promote human brotherhood against the forces of egotism.

We must work hard for earning the money. .But we should not consider that money is the only thing that we have to earn in this world. With money we can help poor people and those who are deserving real help with no-body to help them. .You may aware of the story of Buddha. He left all his Kingdom and want to know about the real happiness in the world. By serving poor people and showing affection to all handicapped people in their distress, we can also become like Mahatma. By cultivating good habits from people like Vivekananda,Adi Sankara, Raghavendra and Buddha we can also leave the worldly pleasures and follow the true path of Wisdom.

The practice of loving-kindness with children and meditation, or courage of spirit, can be done in one of two ways: either in intensive prolonged meditation to develop deep states of concentration, or in daily life at any time one meets with people and animals or thinks about them.

By Clicking on the names of the Divinely Teachers, we can study their teachings and they will help the aspirants to build up a solid foundation of mindfulness as a way of life rather than as a practice separated from daily living.

Click Here.

1. Father of Indian Nation.

2. Sri. Adhi Sankarar.

3. Sri. Vivekanand.

4. Sri. Buddha

5. Sri.Guru Raghavendra.

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