Posted by: ramrajya | July 6, 2008

BJP never betrayed DMK Party.

BJP never betrayed DMK Party.

Karunanidhi in his poetry on 5th July 2008 states, that he will burry the Vedic Sastras [lessons] under a 1000 feet depth. The way of his writing poetry looks like a man sitting under a palm tree telling that he is taking milk. On sentiment reasons Karunanidhi was unable to remove the yellow towel from his shoulder, and tells that Vedic lessons are created against rationality.

If Karunanidhi is a real rationalist, the Hindu endowment Board is under his control, and he can issue a order to put a Notice Board in every temple that no-body should worship the deities in the temple because they were all created by Sastras. Not only that while receiving money for welfare measures from the Chief of hermitage [Adheenam ], he can tell them that they should not encourage any worship in the Temple and no schools for cultivating Vedic lessons to be conducted. While B.J.P. was in power Karunanidhi has got Minister Ship for Murasoli Maran and other party men and at that time how he believed that BJP is not a communal party? How the BJP now become a communal party for him?

Now for retaining power Congress wants to wash away the left parties and going to join hands with Samajwadi Party. No body interested in secularism and they all wants to retain Power only. They have also betrayed DMK Party once and BJP never done that. Karunanidhi must realize this and there is no use of telling communal slogan against BJP.

Now people are aware of the antecedent of all party leaders and they won’t believe in any false propaganda.


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