Posted by: ramrajya | February 22, 2009

Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu started with Brahmin Hatred.

Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu started with Brahmin Hatred.

 Some sixty years back, Dravidian movement was started in Tamil Nadu with no ideology but targeting only the Brahmins and against worshipping and believing of Gods. This way of propaganda is still going on in Tamil Nadu for the gains of some political Leaders.

Two years back in Srirangam the statue of E.V.Ramaswamy leader of Dravidar Kazhagam, who preached NO God theory, was broken by some unknown people. Agitating to this, the poor weaker section of Brahmin priests in Tamil Nadu, who were doing worship duties in Temples were targeted and they were attacked and their sacred thread were cut into pieces. Periyar Statue was attacked by some unknown persons and no Brahmin people were related with this incident. Foreign people from France and Britain, having faith in Hindu rituals are coming to India for doing the last rituals to their close relatives, thro the Brahmin priests in Srirangam in Tamil Nadu. Even the foreign people are giving respect to the Hindu priests for their Vedic duties and customs.
The Brahmin community people in Tamil Nadu have contributed more, by way of promoting Tamil language, Music, Dance, Drama, Science, Math’s and other subjects. They have done wonderful job in promoting Tamil language, culture and Tamil grammar and also sacrificed their life for Indian Independence. By natural they are very simple people with great intelligence and devotion to God.

Recently also on 17-2-2009 Sri Subramania Swami, the Senior most politician and Advocate was waiting in the court of Justice P K Misra and Justice K Chandru, was targeted by the advocates who raised pro-Tamil Elam slogans and punched him. Even the presence of a large posse of police personnel and Swami’s own security men did not deter the advocates, who barred entry to others as soon as they entered the court hall. Some lawyers hurled rotten eggs at Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy, and scold him telling his caste name, right in front of two horrified judges. Is it the way of Advocates supporting the Tamil Elam issue?
Advocates must realize that by creating violence and hatred among our own people, they cannot achieve anything.

You can hear to the Tamil Speech of S.V.Ramani thro “You Tube”


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