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Congress Government should not take notice of Karunanidhi’s advice in demolishing the Ram-Sethu.Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

Congress Government should not take notice of Karunanidhi’s advice in demolishing the Ram-Sethu.Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

In our Indian tradition, all the Four Vedas are beginning less and the origin of them is totally forgotten. In Hindu Desam it is believed that the Vedas were arranged by Veda Vyasa, who lived in the closing years of the Divapara Yuga, come to an end on the 18th februar 3012 B.C. In the beginning of the Kaliyuga, the Vedas and other allied literature must have been composed long before 3102 B.C. Further taking into consideration, the dynasty of the Kings mentioned in the puranas, the date of the Rig Vedic civilization goes back to 3000B.C.
Worshipping Ram-Sethu is a faith of Hindu’s.
Some people asking, whether Ram-Sethu is a place of worship? There is no doubt in this. Rameswaram and the temple deity Lord Ramanatha swami exist for the last thousands of years. Rama worshipped Siva at Rameswaram Temple is a known fact from the ancient Purana’s. The Ramanatha Swamy Temple is still standing as Historical evidence. We must have belief in everything.
The Tamil Nadu Government is purposely hiding the facts of available records about Ramar-Sethu Bridge. About the existence of the Bridge, Ram-Sethu Bridge protection committee has now brought it to the notice of all people.
In the Department of land-survey records of Ramanathapuram district, in the Survey record books, it is shown in page 287, that 12 Acres and 91 Ars were the upland boundaries of Ram-Sethu island. Like this several other authentic information were also told by the elderly people of Ramanathapuram
Ramar Padam.
Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary.
In Tamilnadu Government forest Department Portal, information about Ramar Padam has been explained.See in
At Pointcalimere Ramar Padam (literally Ramar Footprint) located on the highest point of land in the sanctuary, is a small shrine containing the stone footprints of Lord Rama. Large numbers of Ramar devotees gather here during the 2nd week of April to celebrate Ram Navami Festival.
Suppressing the facts of Ram-Sethu, the atheist Tamil Nadu Government Chief Minister will not attain any eternal bliss and he will always have the curse of one particular religion people from the whole world. Let Ram pardon them
Bethlehem is the Worship Place of Christians.
Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus and therefore it is a holy site. Christians around the world are having faith on the birth place of Christ and they are going there and doing their worship.
The entrance to the church is a low doorway that has its own legends. One story is that the door was installed by the Muslims during their rule to remind Christians that they were guests in the country and must bow to their hosts. An alternative explanation is that the height of the door was designed to prevent unbelievers from entering the church on horseback. Yet another version holds that it was to protect the Christians from their hostile neighbors
Kaba worship Place of Muslims.
According to Islamic belief, God ordained a place of worship on Earth to reflect a house in heaven. Muslims believe that Adam, the first man, was the first to build such a place of worship. According to the Qur’an, the Ka’ba that stands today was built by the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and his son Ismail (Ishmael).
According to archaeologists, the Ka’ba certainly predates Islam. It was rebuilt several times by the tribes ruling Mecca, who used it to house sacred objects, including the Black Stone, and as a shrine to Arabian tribal gods.
Every person must have true faith and earnest longing on their religion and God., From the Purana’s it was told that under the leadership of Lord Rama and with the help Vanara sena and Nala Ram-Sethu was constructed. We need not go the question of whether Ramar-Sethu really exists. What could be the big land mass bridging India and Sri-Lanka? Is it a geological formation? If not, who could make a massive earth or bridge on the sea, addressed “Adam’s Bridge’ by the British Rulers? Harming the Sethu would amount to the violation of the belief of the Hindus and consequently breach of the fundamental right guaranteed under Article 25 of the Indian constitution. We request that the present congress Government should not take notice of Karunanidhi’s advice in demolishing the Ram-Sethu.
Dams can be built on Ganga, But destroying another monument or worship place standing on riverbed side like “Tajmahal” should not be destroyed.


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