Posted by: ramrajya | July 2, 2009

Tamil Eelam is now in all Tamilians Heart. Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

Tamil Eelam is now in all Tamilians Heart. Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi on 1-7-2009 Wednesday declared in the assembly that achieving ‘Tamil Eelam’ was no more a realistic possibility.

Once under the leadership of DMK founder C N Annadurai , DMK leaders approached Rajaji to lend his help for getting separate Tamil Nadu. There is no fault if Karunanidhi now approach Central Government for getting a separate Tamil Eelam or self ruled Tamil Government within Eelam. This will help the Tamils welfare and security of their living.

The Indian Government as gesture of good will to Tamils must insist Sri Lanka President Rajbaksha to adhere to the humanly rights of all Tamil citizens in Tamil Eelam area and India must also keep up a watch over Srilanka on Tamil people’s security.

Like his mentors, if Karunanidhi come forward to approach the Central Government for getting self ruled Tamil Eelam crores of Tamils are prepared follow with him.

Life will go for once let it go for Tamils.



  1. Eezham is already born. If not why is there so much buzz about Eezham going in.

    Why is SL govt. continuously repeating there is no Eezham, if there really is no Eezham. 🙂

    The more people talk about Eezham (either against it or supporting it), they are assuring that Eezham is real.

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