Posted by: ramrajya | September 11, 2009

Rahul Ambition for establishing Congress in Power in Tamil Nadu.

Rahul Ambition for establishing Congress in Power in Tamil Nadu.

AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi on Thursday [10-9-2009] ended a packed three-day visit to Tamil Nadu with a clear message to his party men — work towards bringing the Congress back to power — even as he sought to scotch suggestions that he might have slighted DMK president and chief minister M Karunanidhi by avoiding a meeting with the veteran regional leader.

“I look forward to seeing the Congress in power in Tamil Nadu one day,” Rahul declared at a public rally in Coimbatore. His speech contained some parting punches at the existing political culture in the state. “The youth feel there is no room for them in political parties in Tamil Nadu,” he said.

In remarks that could irk the DMK, which believes that its heir apparent MK Stalin has a big following among the youth, he said, “The youth want to change the way politics is done here.” However, earlier in the day, he maintained that he had great admiration and respect for the DMK patriarch and that Congress-DMK ties were strong. His current visit was solely aimed at engaging the youth of Tamil Nadu and conveying a message that the Youth Congress doors were open to all of them. Even though he was cautious not to overtly offend the DMK, which believes it has demonstrated its loyalty and reliability as an ally of the Congress, Rahul’s observations to his own partymen showed that he was eager to get the organization moving towards greater freedom from its Dravidian ally.

The pattern discernible from his interaction with youngsters in different parts of TN was that Rahul, as general secretary in-charge of the Youth Congress, wanted to infuse young blood and rejuvenate the party, which went out of power in the state in 1967.

Rahul aiming at success should create an aura of success and enthusiasm around him visible to others as well. His ambition of getting Congress Govt in Tamil Nadu will definitely prove success.


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