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The story of Islam and British Rulers in India. Tamil Speech By S.V.Ramani.

The story of Islam and British Rulers in India. Tamil Speech By S.V.Ramani.

During 1555Humayun returned to India with his son Akbar. At the age of forty-nine he slipped from the steps of his palace and so met his death. His son Akbar a lad of thirteen he succeeded his father and ruled Punjab and Delhi. He ruled India from 1556 to 1605.

It was clear that Islam no longer satisfied him. He gradually assumed himself an authority over his subjects second only. to that of “Qur- an” and there were cynics who declared that “Allahu Akbar” was now to be understood as “Akbar is God.”
Two of his sons died of drink. Akbar never recovered from the shock. He died in October 1605and was buried at Sikandra near Agra.

The new emperor Jahangir from being the petted darling of his father Akbar, had developed into a willful, self indulgent youth. More than once he had openly revolted against Akbar.

Two English captains Hawkins and Sir Thomas Roe, obtained a footing on the coast at Goa, and they estimated Jehangir income at 59 crores in those days and told he lived a luxuries life. . We have realized after a long period only, the Englishmen and Mughal invaders of India looted the Indians Wealth and made Indians as slaves for them for several years.

You can hear the full story thro the Tamil Speech.


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