Posted by: ramrajya | October 8, 2009

Tamil Nadu Police to be congratulated, for arresting Prostitute Actress and culprits. Tamil speech by S.V.Ramani.

Tamil Nadu Police to be congratulated, for arresting Prostitute Actress and culprits. Tamil speech by S.V.Ramani.

We appreciate the effort taken by Tamil Nadu Police during the past in arresting several brothel agents and cine actresses in connection with brothel cases in Tamil Nadu and now arresting Actress Bhuvaneswari on charges of prostitution in Chennai. We also appreciate the Police authorities for arresting Dinamalar News Editor Lenin for giving wrong information to the Dinamalar News paper. It is also the duty of Dinamalar Editor to verify the genuine of the matter before publishing the News.

Women cadres of the Indian Tauheed Jamaath on Tuesday [6-10-2009] met city police commissioner T. Rajendran to complain against actor Bhuvaneswari wearing a burkha while being taken to court last Friday after being arrested for prostitution

Speaking to mediapersons, Masood Alima, state women wing president, Indian Tauheed Jamaath, said: “We respect the burkha as a traditional symbol for Muslims. Police should not have allowed her to wear the burkha to hide her face. The actor was arrested for immoral trafficking.” Rajendran promised the women necessary action. The petition was forwarded to the central crime branch deputy commissioner of police.

While once again appreciating the Tamil Nadu Police, We the Tamilnadu public people also request the Police Commissioner, during the arrest not to allow any culprits to hide their faces by putting Burka or any other materials as this will hurt the feelings of other community people.. Let people see their ugly face and then only the prostitutes and other culprits will refine. Prostitution must be curbed under the root level and the prostitutes should not be allowed for whatever the reason. Every people must work hard and earn the money for their livelihood.


  1. I have seen from google search that health ministry feels punshing prostiute will start under ground institution for the purpose. I am giving the web below on the subject

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