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Sri.Thiagaraja Ramayanam [Aranyakandam] Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

Sri.Thiagaraja Ramayanam [Aranyakandam] Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.
In Sri Thiagaraja Ramayana in Aranyakandam  Thiagaraja told in his songs that Sabari waits eagerly for Rama’s arrival for several years and offers him athithi satkaram. Even in our daily pooja, while weoffer naivedyam, we recite this sloka,
Sabari’s atithyam is widely known and she is held in the highest regard.Is
it because Sabari is a great devotee of Rama.
Sabari was a tribal woman. Though she was illiterate, she staunchly
believed in her Acharya, Mathanga Maharshi, and served him with great
Devotion/commitment for several years. Before leaving for the Heavenly abode the Maharshi instructs Sabari to wait for Lord Rama and Lakshmana. Sabari believed in her Acharya’s word and waited patiently for several years, alone in the Ashram, just to give athithyam to Rama for a day.
Aranya Kandam ends with Sabari’s episode and the first sarga of next
Kandam (Kishkindha Kandam) includes the description of Pampa river and
Lord Rama’s meeting with Hanumanwith Sraddha (Swamiji attaches lot of importance to Sraddha – the commitment) and automatically Perumal with the help of Acharya will rescueus — just like He rescued Sita with the help of Hanuman.
Sri Thiagaraja describes Rama is an avatharam of Lord Srimannarayana; Rama was worshippedby his subjects not because he was the Lord, but because of his qualities.Lord Rama with his exemplary behaviour depicted to the world how one shouldbehave and react to adverse circumstances. In addition to the peripheralstoryline in Ramayanam one should understand
the underlying philosophic meaning of each episode and follow it as far
as possible to lead a “PERFECT LIFE”. Let us all sing  Rama’s name.
You can now hear the Tamil Speeches of S.V.Ramani thro “You Tube” about Sri.Thiagaraja Ramayana Aranyakandam.

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