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Sri Thiagaraja Ramayanam.Sundara Kandam and Sri Rama Pattabhishekam.Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

Sri Thiagaraja Ramayanam.Sundara Kandam and Sri Rama Pattabhishekam.Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.
Sundara Kanda describes Hanuman’s preparations to cross the ocean in search of Seetha. Mighty Hanuman’s flight over the ocean is described in a glorious detail.
Hanuman who is capable of flying gets to Lanka after fighting some dangers in the way. He finds Sita in the garden guarded by female demons, in a depressed mood. He proves to her that he is Rama’s messenger and offers to carry her back. But to vindicate her honor she prefers that Rama himself should rescue her. Hanuman promises that Rama will come and rescue her.
After Hanuman’s return, Rama plans his way to reach Ravan’s island. Rama and his advisers plan a land bridge to Lanka. The monkeys bring tree and rocks from the forests and build the land bridge to Lanka. After arriving in Lanka they send a peaceful messenger to Ravan, but Ravan refuses. So a war begins in which both sides lose many forces. Even Rama and Lakshman get hurt. The monkeys also began to get weak because Ravan’s forces use biological weapons, which weaken their senses. So a medical expert in Rama’s forces claims that to neutralize this a special herb is required which exists in a far away mountain, named Mahodaya.
Hanuman flies to that mountain and finds out that the mountain is full of different herbs, so he brings the whole mountain to Lanka. Slowly the forces get back to their senses.
Eventually after many battles Ravan faces Rama and after two continuos days of battles Rama kills Ravan and visits Sita. But the Ramayana does not end here. The fact that Sita lived in another man’s palace causes some rumors about her chastity. She is obliged to take a fire test in which she sits in a fire but comes out unharmed and therefore is purified from charges.
Rama prepares to leave for Ayodhya. Even though Vibhishana requests Rama to remain at Lanka for some more time and receive his hospitality, Rama gently refuses to do so, adding that he needs to proceed to Ayodhya quickly, to see his mothers, brothers and people there. Vibhishana arranges the aerial car, Pushpaka to transport Rama and others to Ayodhya.

Bharata, after hearing the good news from Hanuma about the arrival of Rama, calls Shatrughna and commands him to make appropriate arrangements for the reception of Rama in the City of Ayodhya. Bharata departs with all others, for Nandigrama to receive Rama. Then, Bharata brings Rama’s wooden sandals and places them below the feet of Rama.
At the request of Bharata to take back the kingdom of Ayodhya, Rama accepts the offer and sits on a seat. Rama, mounting on an excellent chariot, sallies forth on a procession in the city accompanied by Bharata, Shatrughna, Lakshmana and Vibhishana. Vasishta along with other brahmins as priests caused Rama to be consecrated with that water. Vasishta and other priests officiating the coronation-ceremony adorned Rama with an auspicious and charming crown.

Sri Rama Rama Jaya Rajaram! Sri Rama Rama Jaya Seetharam!! 

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