Posted by: ramrajya | December 17, 2009

Don’t mortgage your self-respect by taking money in the By-Elections. Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

Don’t mortgage your self-respect by taking money in the By-Elections. Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

Public must take a wow in not taking money from party candidates for voting by losing their self respect. Without adopting democracy policies, ruling parties in Tamil Nadu try to win the elections by adopting unethical ways like giving money and liquor. This is not the way of democracy as already told by Arignar Anna and Rajaji.

Now In the Tiruchendur byelection on December 19, the police on Wednesday seized the vehicle of DMK candidate ‘Anitha’ R Radhakrishnan’s son, Ananda Maheswaran, as it was found carrying foreign liquor worth Rs 10 lakh. [News in Times of India 17-12-2009]

Tirunelveli superintendent of police Asra Garg intercepted the Ford Endeavour car (TN59 AP 5555) at Arumuganeri around 2am while it was going from Thoothukudi to Tiruchendur. A total of 123 bottles of foreign liquor and cases of beer were found in the car.

According to police, the driver, G Sivasankara Narayanan (37) of Thoothukudi, said that the vehicle belonged to the DMK candidate’s son and that the liquor was being taken to Thandapathu, Radhakrishnan’s native village near Tiruchendur.

The driver and four occupants of the car — D Satheesh of Thandapathu; D Ikbal; his brother Ansari and S Jainudeen of Kayalpattinam — were arrested under the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Prohibition Act for stocking and transporting liquor without licence. They were remanded in judicial custody by a Srivaikuntam court.

Today the way in which the by elections held in Tamil Nadu seems to be a big challenge to Indian democracy. Ruling parties take power in their hands and don’t respond to the election commission’s code of conduct and regulations for elections

Democracy will only survive if all parties follow the moral codes and people must stand bold on their self respect and vote only for the person who will work for the development of their constituency in Vandavasi and Tiruchendur.


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