Posted by: ramrajya | December 19, 2009

Periya puranam. பெரிய புராணம்.அறுபத்து மூன்று நாயன்மார்கள் வரலாறு.

Periya puranam.
பெரிய புராணம்.அறுபத்து மூன்று நாயன்மார்கள் வரலாறு.
Eyarpakai Nayanar and ilayankudi Mara Nayanar.

If one wants to know what devotion is, what will be the actions and state of devotees, and want to dwell in the great nectar of love, the best place to read Periya puranam. If you want to feel the great heights that love for the Lord, who is the pure form of love, can take then read the periya puranam not just for the sake of reading, but by putting yourself in the state of the Naayanar whose life is described as you read. Feel it. Even for a person who never ever tasted the honey of devotion, it should give a great experience. If a person does not get bhakthi even after reading Periya puranam you can say for sure that involvement was missing from his/her part.

Exclaiming the value of periya puranam king Anapaya chozhan took chekkizhar peruman on the royal elephant and he himself fanned chekkizhar with venchamaram in that big procession. What other praise is required when God Himself gave the starting word for the Periyapuranam as “ulakellam”.

It is a nector that will give you the immortal love, drink it.
It is a perennial river of love that will make the lands of your mind fertile, irrigate with it.It is a ocean that will get you pearl heaps of coveted qualities, dwell in it.
It is a sharp sword that will cut off the bonds to make you feel the bliss of freedom, hold it strong. It is a teacher that tells morals of life; make you a rock of discipline. It is a historical information resource; develop your knowledge with that.

Chekkizhar had the true knowledge, he had the best of poetic expression, he had the neutrality in his sayings, he had the devotion for the 63 devotees, above all he had the true love for God. Now I am going to tell you about some of the Nayanars.

If there are any flaws in my speech that is due to my lack of knowledge in this effort and you can be quite sure that Periya puranam will be marvelous and look for an opportunity to read it yourself.

OM Namashivaya..! OM Namashivaya..!!

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