Posted by: ramrajya | December 27, 2009

N.D.Tiwari Andhra Governor in Sex tapes a shame for Indian Politicians.Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

N.D.Tiwari Andhra Governor in Sex tapes a shame for Indian Politicians.Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

After N.D.Tiwari A.P. Governor pictures in a sex romp were flashed in the media, the Centre got veteran Congressman ND Tiwari to step down as Andhra Pradesh governor, disregarding his claim that he was a victim of a frame-up.

An embarrassed UPA government decided to ask Tiwari to vacate Raj Bhavan after a high-level meeting, which held that pictures purportedly showing Tiwari in the “intimate” company of three women had rendered his continuation as governor untenable. The Centre did not even wait for the report it has sought from the AP chief secretary, Ramakanth Reddy.

The quick action by the central leadership was designed to put a lid on the controversy, which landed women protesters at the gates of the Raj Bhavan, while triggering an avalanche of demands for the resignation for Tiwari from across the political spectrum.

The media in Hyderabad had flashed purported pictures of Tiwari in a compromising position with three women, which created a furore.

Millions of people of India were suffering in poverty and are staying in huts and even struggling for Two times meals. Politicians like Tiwari who are in highest position of Power are playing with people’s money for their immoral activities. People must see the real face of these political jackals and they must take a vow to drive them out of power and politics. Indian independence was achieved by shedding blood of lakhs of Martyrs. People must take a pledge to safe guard our country from these fake political leaders.


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