Posted by: ramrajya | January 20, 2010

Kushboo Interview regarding Sex Survey with “India Today”. Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

Kushboo Interview regarding Sex Survey with “India Today”. Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

A four-year-old statement of south Indian film actress Kushboo on pre-marital sex and virginity came under adverse light in the Supreme Court, which on Tuesday[19-1-2010] questioned her on the necessity for such an “extensive wise comment”.

Sep 28 2005 India Today*

Kushboo : “…..Now women in Chennai are also crossing these mental taboos on sexual matters. We get to see a lot of women (girls? ) in Pubs and discos (at Chennai). (These days) Women can talk freely on matters regarding sex. Slowly the woman is opening her wings and has started flying out in this restricted society. Still, accidents to women like Stephany raises some questions about how healthy this trend is?. Sex education is very essential in schools. Even if sex education is not provided in schools, parents have to teach their children about sex…..”

Kushboo : “…For me sex is not just a physical thing. It is mental too. I can’t understand how women can change their boy friends every week…”

Kushboo : “….If a girl is going strong with her boyfriend, she can go out with him after informing her parents…”

Kushboo : “…If a girl has a Strong relationship, the parents have to allow that….”

Kushboo : “…Our society has to be liberated from thoughts like “a woman has to be a virgin at the time of marriage”. No educated man would expect his wife to be a virgin. However, women have to safeguard themselves from pregnancy or other disease, while having pre – marital sex…..”

Kushboo : “…I married the man I was in love with. Since we were sure about our relationships, we had sex before marriage. Its now six years since marriage. Since we have two children, our responsibilities have grown. Since the children sleep in the same room as we do we need to find other private times (/moments) for us. Still we have a happy married life. Married people should know how to satisfy their spouse’s physical needs. There would be no problems, if desires are understood mutually. …”

Kushboo : “…Some increase gratification by using sex books, photos etc. One cannot say that is wrong. At the same time At the same time, one should understand the other’s likes, dislikes and comforts, discomforts. Men who mistake women talking about sex should change their views. Mutual consent is essential for sex. …”

In Tamil Nadu , we are portraying ladies as equivalent to Goddess. They must be truthful to their husband in everything. They have to bring up their children with good morals and conduct. Both husband and wife must have perfect and clean habits in their personal life even before marriage. That is the Tamil culture and Indian Culture.


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