Posted by: ramrajya | March 19, 2010

Hail B.J.P. Government for booking Nithyananda for rape and cheating.

Hail B.J.P. Government for booking Nithyananda for rape and cheating.

Saint Nithyananda of Dhyanapeetam Ashram near Bidadi is now under the Karnataka police s c a n n e r. While Ramanagaram DySP Devaraj has been appointed as the investigating officer in the case, the Bidadi police have registered a case against him under six sections of CrPC. The charges include cheating, rape, unnatural sex and outraging religious sentiments.

The FIR was filed on Thursday [18-3-10] evening after the Bidadi police got the papers sent by Chennai police against the swami. It took three days for the police to get the papers translated into Kannada.

According to police sources, the papers and the FIR by Chennai police were based on the complaint lodged by the swami’s former driver Lenin with the Chennai police commissioner.

In his complaint, Lenin had alleged that the swami had raped a 23-year-old ‘Brahmacharini’, who later left the ashram. However, Lenin neither has given the name of the Brahmacharini, nor has given the place where it happened. Besides, he has also alleged that the swami used to have unnatural sex and had cheated several people by promising to cure their disease. In the complaint, Lenin had expressed fear that Nithyananda may get him murdered for exposing the misdeeds.

Anyhow, we appreciate B.J.P Government for booking case against the bogus Nithyananda and given mental peace to all the well-wishers of Hinduism and Indian culture.

All that glitters is not Gold.


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