Posted by: ramrajya | March 24, 2010

The victory for a party must come from peoples mandate without bribe. Pennagaram By-election.

The victory for a party must come from peoples mandate without bribe. Pennagaram By-election.

Amid mounting complaints of distribution of cash for votes in Pennagaram assembly constituency, the chief electoral officer, Naresh Gupta, conceded that the task of monitoring and checking money flow to voters had become “very challenging”. The chief electoral officer, who was in Dharmapuri to review the arrangements for the March 27 by-election in Pennagaram, said officials were acting on complaints “to the best of their abilities”. However, he said, during the review meeting, a candidate had complained, “people are openly demanding money for votes.” The Election Commission had directed the election observers to closely monitor the expenditure made by each of the candidates as “it found, in general, that their statement of expenditure does not reflect the ground reality”. On the polling day in Pennagaram, Central government officials from Dharmapuri and neighboring districts would be roped in to operate the polling booths. The entire voting process would be recorded live through web cameras installed at all the polling booths.

Political parties must take a vow not to give money for getting votes and people must also take a vow in not accepting money from candidates for casting their votes. People must represent their grievances for their basic amenities like supply of drinking water, proper roads and employment opportunities. If any political Party, which prepared to come forward to solve their grievances may be voted in the coming election. By giving money for vote the candidates, wont care peoples basic amenities and they will come for the constituency only in the next election.

By giving money if one party wins the election, that is not a moral victory for democracy.


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