Posted by: ramrajya | March 31, 2010

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam to be taken over by Karnataka Government.

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam to be taken over by Karnataka Government.

Self-styled god man Nityananda, who is facing a series of criminal charges including rape and unnatural sex, said he was resigning as head of Nityananda Dhyanapeetam and its associated trusts to lead a life of “spiritual seclusion”. This comes nearly three weeks after video clips of him cavorting with south Indian actresses hit TV screens.

Nithyananda Says, “A board of trustees consisting of Sadhakas of the Dhyanapeetam who are non controversial, will henceforth manage the Dhyanapeetam. I have also requested the Acharyas to help the newly constituted trust reorient the activities of the Dhyanapeetam increasingly to undertake spiritually oriented service activities and to guide the trustees. I have also directed the new trustees of Dhyanapeetam to seek the counsel and go by the advice of the Acharyas. He says that he had met some of the leading acharyas of Hindu dharma at Haridwar.

No Hindu Acharyas will tell him to run the Dhyanapeetam in the name of others, which was built by Nithyananda by earning money in illegal ways. It is a way to control the Ashramam properties by Nithyananda himself with his own supporters.

A Sanyasi’s vow of renunciation typically forbids him from-

Owning personal property apart from a bowl, a cup, two sets of clothing and medical aids.
Having any contact with, looking at, thinking of or even being in the presence of women and eating for pleasure.
Possessing or even touching money or valuables in any way, shape or form and maintaining personal relationships.

If Nithyananda was perfect in everything, he must come forward and surrender to the police without hiding anywhere. He must also hand over the properties of Dhyanapeetam to the Karnataka Government since the Ashramam was built in illegal ways utilizing people’s ignorance. Karnataka Government must also come forward to arrest Nithyananda under Goondas Act.


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