Posted by: ramrajya | April 6, 2010

Tamilnadu Ministers should not sleep on Christian priest’s malpractices

Tamilnadu Ministers should not sleep on Christian priest’s malpractices.

The foreign aided money is playing a lot in conversion of Indian poor children to Christianity. Recently during last January in Kanniakumari Dist Palavilai village, one Christian priest from Kerala named Shaji, started a children’s Home with 100 children. In that home in controversial to law, he has brought thro Agents 22 children from Assam and fifty-four children from Manipur and blocked them in one Room without any basic amenities. On getting information from a social worker, S.P. of Tirunelveli saved those children from the Home and handed over them to their relatives. There are so many cases like this for getting foreign Aids; the fraud fathers are doing all sorts of malpractices for conversion of the innocent children to Christianity by utilizing the poverty of their family.

The Indian Constitution should amend the conversions in order to rule out propagation by force, fraud and other illicit means.

Legislative measures should be enacted for controlling conversion by illegal means;

Circulation of literature meant for Christian religious propaganda without approval of the State Government should be prohibited.

Tamil Nadu Ministers should not sleep over Christian Priest’s malpractices in starting Children’s Home with abducting poor children from other states and get permission from Government for getting foreign aids.


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