Posted by: ramrajya | April 15, 2010

Daily one Girl must attend Nithyananda Bed Room for worship.

Daily one Girl must attend Nithyananda Bed Room for worship.

Bogus Saint Nithyananda of Dhyanapeetam Ashram near Bidadi is now under the Karnataka police s c an n e r. While Ramanagaram DySP Devaraj has been appointed as the investigating officer in the case, the Bidadi police have registered a case against him under six sections of CrPC. The charges include cheating, rape, unnatural sex and outraging religious sentiments.

Since the Police have taken the case, I never wanted to talk anything about Nithyananda. However, to my surprise Dhyanapetam has asked the “You Tube” authorities to remove my Video Speeches “Nude Nithyananda and Karnataka Police confusion to arrest him”.

There is no infringement of copyright in that Video. Before telling any news about anybody, we must have some basic support records like pictures and name of the Newspapers that published the news. I have shown that clips and pictures only in my video speeches as my basic support. I do not know how this will come under infringement of copyright Act. Nithyananda Dhyanapetam is not the owner of the video and he is the accused.

In the name of god and spiritualism, Nityanandha created an empire, an empire of wealth from the innocent people and collected money from them, and Sri. charu niveditha who was once his devotee has explained everything in the Magazine “Kumudam Reporter”. Junior Vikatan in its issue dated 31-3-2010 has also published News about Nithyananda Bedroom worship, which I have told in my present video speech.

Sun TV has broad castled thro’ a video clip on 2-3-2010 which opened the ugly face of the Nityananda with a film actress, and every half an hour this was broad castled by Sun TV throughout the world and being guilty Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam never have guts to come forward to stop the action of Sun TV.

My humble request is that people should not fall pray to these bogus saints and they must come forward to remove them from our society.


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