Posted by: ramrajya | April 22, 2010

Sex Saint Nithyananda arrest a great victory and relief for all noble people.

Sex Saint Nithyananda arrest a great victory and relief for all noble people.

A team of Karnataka State CID with the active co-operation of Himachal Pradesh police, took into custody Swamy Nithyananda in Solan District of Himachala Pradesh this [21-4-2010]afternoon. Along with Sri Nithyananda Swamiji, Sri Nithya Bhaktananda and Gopal Seelam Reddy has also been taken into custody. Both these persons are wanted in connection with two cases registered at Bidadi Police Station. Both the persons are being produced before the local Magistrate and after securing body warrant, they will be brought to Bangalore. His arrest brought cheers among all good hearted pople.

Nithyananda Dhyanapetam has previously asked the “You Tube” authorities to remove my two Video Speeches telling that they are infringing copyright act. There is no infringement of copyright in that Video and falsely they have given a complaint. However, to-day Nithyananda was arrested for the great sin he has done to the Indian society and to Indian culture.

Saint Nityananda’s fraud has already been unveiled by Sun Tv in its video broad cast on 2-3-2010.. As Nityananda, a saint’s pervert activities have been caught up in the camera, the time he was indulged in sexual activities with some actress. However, it was later stated by Sun TV in next day video clips that her name was Ranjitha Tamil actress. Ranjitha anyhow accepted that she was in Nithyananda bedroom and told to Kumudam Reporter magazine that she has done only a service to the saint. Like Ranjitha several young girls were brain washed and made to stay in his ashram as disciples. Nithyananda accumulated crores of money by way of cheating people in the name of Yoga and healing their disease.

I have already brought the shameful activities of Nithyananda to the Karnataka Chief Minister and he had acknowledged my email duly forwarding those messages to the Karnataka Police authorities.

As an editor of “Engal Baratham” Tamil Magazine, I have also done my little duty to our society in bringing the sinful activities of the immoral saint and on behalf of Tamil Nadu people; I congratulate Karnataka Government for arresting the Bogus Saint.


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