Posted by: ramrajya | April 30, 2010

All people will feel happy if Karnataka Police says the truth in actress videos.

All people will feel happy if Karnataka Police says the truth in actress videos.

More than seven weeks after the airing of video clippings showing arrested godman Nithyananda, Tamil film actor Ranjitha on Thursday disassociated herself from the sensational footage, and said the use of the images in the media grossly damaged her reputation and violated various laws. If the Actress would have told this immediately to the police after the release of the videos the Medias will never published these videos.

A statement issued on her behalf by her lawyers, PM Law Chambers, Delhi, said, “Our client strongly objects to being referred to as one of the persons in the video. The said imputation by anyone is causing unnecessary loss of reputation, mental harassment, agony, loss of earnings, which are all actionable wrongs.” The statement also alleged that there was a “huge conspiracy” against her and declared that she would fight until the end to stop what it called “criminalisation of journalism”. Contending that the video clips, which were aired on channels and found their way to the Net, “amount to gross violation of various laws of India, and have malicious, diabolical and destructive intent,” the statement also said legal notices had been issued to Google Inc and YouTube, “asking them to remove the said videos before 5pm on Sunday (May 2)”.

Her lawyers said they would be initiating action against the perpetrators for defamation and other offences under the IPC, besides provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Referring to some ‘interviews’ with her that appeared in some Tamil magazines, the statement said, “Ranjitha wishes to emphasise that every one of these so-called interviews with her since this incident is totally fabricated”.

Now the video clippings and connected matters are with Karnataka Police and they are investigating the truth. If they says that the images are fabricated all people will feel happy with the Tamil actress statement.


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