Posted by: ramrajya | May 7, 2010

Laugh and Live…! By Yessveeramani.

Laugh and Live…! By Yessveeramani.

1. Hey….Now people are telling that

the election propaganda is becoming very hot..?

Yess…Yess… The ruling party burnt the election offices of opposition party in two places…!

2. Hey…Why the opposite house fellow flying away to his office?

Now he is daily taking the essence of sparrow that is the reason he is flying away…!

3. Hey…Why that political speaker having the pet name of different tone King?

Every six months, he will jump from one party to another party…!

4. Hey…That couples are going to Ooty [Ootacamund] for Honeymoon.

Then what is the moon now we are seeing in our city?

5. Hey…that the ASTROLOGER told that you would not get married for another five years!

O.K. then unto five years, I will go to that Saint Ashram [Residence]!

For my readers I am telling the above Jokes in Tamil thro “You Tube.” I also wish all of my readers to do their work with a smile. My best wishes to all people to live happily with a smile. Laughing only will wash away our worries from our mind.


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