Posted by: ramrajya | May 12, 2010

Horse become as Fox in Saint Manickavasagar Thiruvilaiyadal story.

Horse become as Fox in Saint Manickavasagar Thiruvilaiyadal story.

The story of Manickavasagar comes from the Saivite collection of stories called the Tiruvilaiyadal. Tiruvilaiyadal means divine play or divine games. The Tiruvilaiyadal consists of 64 stories of Lord Shiva’s appearance in the sacred and ancient city of Madurai in Tamilnadu, South India. This particular story is part of the life history of Saint Manickavasagar, who is a nayanar. A great saint who developed the spiritual and religious upliftment is revered as one of the four-samayak kuravar (religious guides). Manickvasagar comes from a learned Brahmin family in Tamilnadu.

The most obvious lesson from this story is that God is present everywhere. This lesson is drawn from the part of the story where, when the King struck the laborer with his cane, every single being in the planet–humans, animals and even the elements, such as the waters of the Vaigai River – reacted to the pain from the blow. That is that the pain that God felt, was felt by all animate and inanimate beings because God is within all creation.

You can hear the story in Tamil thro “You Tube”


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