Posted by: ramrajya | May 14, 2010

Like Mayawati, Kalaignar to consider M.L.A / Minister Seats for S.V.Sekhar.

Like Mayawati, Kalaignar to consider M.L.A / Minister Seats for S.V.Sekhar.Speech by S.V.Ramani.

Some sixty years back, Dravidian movement started in Tamil Nadu under the banner of Justice Party targeting only Brahmins and against worshipping and believing of Gods.

The Brahmin community people in Tamil Nadu have contributed more, by way of promoting Tamil language, Music, Dance, Drama, Science, Math’s and other subjects. They have done wonderful job in promoting Tamil language, culture and Tamil grammar and sacrificed their life for Indian Independence. By natural, they are very simple people with great intelligence and devotion to God.

It was in 1967 that Rajajis Swatantra party was part of the DMK led coalition that defeated Congress. On the eve of the elections Rajaji appeared in the Marina Beach DMK meeting and openly threw his support behind DMK. He opened his sentence as follows” Annavin thambimaarkale.. ennudaya Peranmaarkale..” The Congree was crippled. The Brahmin support too went to the D.M.K. Seats won DMK 179 and Congress 51. The election results were announced on 23 February 1967 and the DMK won an absolute majority on its own. Annadurai was nominated as Chief Minister of Madras State.

Contrary to some poll predictions, BSP won a majority in the 2007 elections, the first such majority since 1991. Mayawati managed to attract support from Brahmins. These people voted for a Dalit party for the first time, because BSP had offered seats to people from these communities.

My humble request to Kalaignar Karunanidhi is to think over the support rendered to him by the Brahmin people like Mootharingnar Rajaji, Dr.Ramamoorthy, Mr.Savi who have christened the name of “Kumkum” Tamil magazine, Gov’t Secretary Guhan, and his Brahmin Yoga Guru and other people like S.V.Sekhar and similar Brahmin people who are said to be having matrimonial connections with his family.

When Kalaignar supporting other caste people who are much attached with their own caste and never wants to detach from their caste, why cannot he consider and give a chance for the Brahmin people also who are willing to go with D.M.K’s ideology. DMK Party should remember that it was a partner in Vajpayee Government during 1999.

Kalaignar must leave his caste differences and support Tamil Brahmins by giving at least four seats to them in the coming 2011 General elections. He can select people like S.V.Sekhar whom he trusts more and even offer him a minister post for which the Brahmin community will be grateful to DMK.

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