Posted by: ramrajya | May 20, 2010

Is it fair that Public Money Rs. 2cr. wasted on artificial dome?Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

Is it fair that Public Money Rs. 2cr. wasted on artificial dome?Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.
The temporary dome put up atop the Tamil Nadu new assembly building at a cost of Rs two crore ahead of its inauguration on March 13 2010 is being pulled down to give way to the permanent one that will cost around Rs 25 crore.

Workers have begun removing the gold-painted wooden planks of the replica, made by art director Thota Tharrani based on the design of German architects GMP International. With the makeshift dome set to come down and reduced to scrap, the installation of the real dome would begin next week and would take three months to complete, officials told News papers..

Though the government’s step to put up the artificial dome to showcase the ‘unique feature’ of the Assembly building to a galaxy of dignitaries, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi, invited criticism from various quarters for “wastage of public money,”

With the money Rs.2Cr. the Tamil Nadu Government may spend it for the welfare of poor peoples living in slums and those who are all physically handicapped and living without any support. By telling Dravidian culture the Tamil Nadu Government has wasted the public money which came from the peoples pocket. The soul of Kamaraj, Rajaji and Anna will never pardon these mistakes.


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