Posted by: ramrajya | May 28, 2010

Kanchi Paramacharyal says Brahmins boycotted Sanskrit and blank in Tamil language.

Kanchi Paramacharyal says Brahmins boycotted Sanskrit and blank in Tamil language.

The following speeches of Kanchi Paramacharyal were published in the “Tamil Nadu” magazine issue during 21-6-63. Paramacharyal says, “That the learning of Sanskrit by Brahmins in Tamil Nadu is going very low. Brahmins have boycotted that language. They are not even having any talent in Tamil. They are also blank in Tamil. How many Brahmins know about Peria Puranam? Even in the Temples, the Kurukkal does not know Sanskrit and he is writing the Sanskrit in Tamil, memorizes it, and recites it. From foreign countries, foreigners are coming to India and learning Sanskrit with smile. We have neglected that language”.

Like this in 1963, September end, Brahmins at Trichchirappalli have given a reception to Kanchi Paramacharyal. While replying to the reception Paramacharyal replied, “To-day there is no Institutions or Guru Peetam available to give training in Sanskrit language and to recognize the persons for the prohit job”.

It is our humble request that the present Kanchi Kamakoti Peetathipathi Sri. Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal must take effort to establish an Institution and to give training in both the Tamil and Sanskrit language for the people willing to go for the job of Prohit and Kurukkal and to recognize them by giving proper certificates. By giving training in both Tamil and Sanskrit language, the Prohits and Kurukkal will be benefited and will develop smooth co-operation between the two communities.

Silampuchchelvar M.P.Sivagna Gramaniar in his book “Tamilar Thirumanam” says whether the prohit duties are in Tamil language or in Sanskrit, the Government Hindu endowment Board or Sankara Mutt or Saiva Mutt must take interest to give training to the willing aspirants of prohit job in a planned way.

You can hear my speech thro’ “You Tube”.


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