Posted by: ramrajya | June 8, 2010

Raghul Gandhi must insist fifty percent of MLA seats from DMK in 2011 elections.

Raghul Gandhi must insist fifty percent of MLA seats from DMK in 2011 elections.

AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi on 2-6-2010 had a surprise visit to Chennai to take part in a party function. Making an unannounced visit, Gandhi arrived here by a scheduled private flight at 1:50 pm to take part in a youth Congress training session on the city outskirts as part of his efforts to strengthen the party at the grassroots.

Without any formal reception at the airport, Gandhi got into a bulletproof car, kept ready inside the airport and left for Thangavel College of Engineering at Thuraipakkam with TNCC president K V Thangabalu.

During the training session, he asked the party cadre to work hard and reach out to the people so that more youths come to the organization fold, party sources said.

Gandhi met the newly elected office bearers and told them of the ways to popularize the party. He asked them to meet the people and deal with their issues directly. He said posts would be suitably given to those who work responsibly for the party’s growth in their respective region.

As a Congress well-wisher from the year 1951, I am telling some suggestions for improving Congress performance in Tamil Nadu. Congress party came to power from several lakhs of Martyrs giving their life for Indian Independence. The Dravidian party’s ancestors are Justice Party people who supported British rule in India. In Justice party rule only, with Police force they have attacked Tirupur Kumaran, the Congress volunteers who have fought against toddy shops, the people who have burnt foreign cloths and the Salt Sathyagraghis. However, after getting Independence the Dravidian Party people are only enjoying all the benefits of the Indian Independence.

Recently Karunanidhi has asked Pattali Makkal Katchi to be with their alliance until 2011 election for getting a lone Rajya Sabha Member seat. Like that, Congress must insist DMK to give Fifty percent of MLA seats for the congress party in 2011 election, if DMK wants their Party members to continue in the Central cabinet. As a martyr’s successor, Raghul is having every right to ask fifty percent of MLA seats from DMK.

Raghul Gandhi must also tell his party members to be bold in controlling the unlawful activities of ruling party members during election and he must put the Central force during Tamil Nadu Elections and must put an end to ruling party’s wheeling and dealing matters. By these lawful ways, Congress can be elected as ruling party in Tamil Nadu 2011 elections.

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