Posted by: ramrajya | June 13, 2010

Culprit for Tamil people but a dignitary for Prime Minister

Culprit for Tamil people but a dignitary for Prime Minister
Accompanying Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on his India visit is a proclaimed offender. As with the other ministers, this man Douglas Devananda, minister for traditional industries and small enterprises development, is being accorded full state protocol. What is ironic is that this Cabinet colleague of Rajapaksa is a proclaimed offender in India and liable for arrest.

Devananda was declared a proclaimed offender and an absconding accused by a session’s court in Tamil Nadu in connection with a shootout-cum-murder here in 1986. In November 1986, Devananda, then a member of the separatist Eelam People’s Revolutionary Front (EPRLF), and nine others were charged with opening fire with automatic weapons at locals in Choolaimedu, injuring five. One person, Thirunavukkarasu, succumbed to his injuries later. Members of LTTE, EPRLF and other Lankan militant outfits used to freely move around and live in Chennai, then Madras, in the 1980s.

In the Choolaimedu case, Devananda and others were charged with murder, attempt to murder, rioting and unlawful assembly. While Devananda attended courts and obtained bail, others went absconding. In 1994, he too went underground, forcing the VI additional sessions court here to declare him a proclaimed offender.

In 1986, Douglas Devananda and nine others charged with opening fire with automatic weapons at locals in Chennai. 5 people were injured, 1 later died Devananda went underground in 1994, and was declared a proclaimed offender Another case of kidnapping a boy for ransom registered on March 2, 1989. Still pending Third case registered in 1990 for rioting and criminal intimidation of a person called Valavan Any Indian harbouring a proclaimed offender faces imprisonment up to 7 yrs under IPC

This Embarrassing Visitor now Enjoys State Hospitality in India along with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

In protest against President Rajapaksa arrival in India, it is stated that Villupuram/Chennai: Passengers train, Tiruchi-Chennai Rockfort Express had a narrow escape as this train screeched to a halt about 200 feet from a crater caused by an explosion triggered by pro-Eelam extremists early on Saturday morning [12-6-2010].

It is our sincere advice to the Pro-Eelam extremists that they cannot achieve anything thro violence. They will definitely attain their goal of Tamil Eelam if they work for the rehabilitation of Tamil people thro non-violence way. It is every Tamilian’s ambition.


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