Posted by: ramrajya | June 15, 2010

“Aryan and Dravidian” is it Karunanidhis Dravidian ideology. Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

“Aryan and Dravidian” is it Karunanidhis Dravidian ideology. Tamil Speech by S.V.Ramani.

AIADMK former Minister S Muthusamy, who was expelled from the AIDMK for his anti-party activities by its General Secretary Ms Jayalalithaa, has joined in the ruling DMK in the presence of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi along with his supporters, at DMK headquarters, Anna Arivalayam.

Welcoming former AIADMK minister S Muthusamy and his supporters into the DMK, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi said the arrival would further strengthen the Dravidian force.

Karunanidhi also told in the meeting that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has told that Ramayana was Rama-Ravana yuddha was a battle between the Aryans and the Dravidians. Karunanidhi was not having any belief in the existence of Lord Ram then why he is always repeating the Ramayana every time. If he has courage, let him have an opinion poll and find out whether people will approve it as Dravidian ideology. Let him also now explain the Dravidian ideology to the present generation let them also decide it.

What these leaders were telling before fifty years, as their Dravidian ideology was North Indian domination must go. “North India growing and South India ruined”. We want separate Dravida Nadu. We will fight for that until our last breath and if we will not get it, we will go to sudukadu [Burial Ground]. Independence war was held in between Banias and British. Britishers are giving the Independence in the hands of Banias [North Indians]. The Dravidians are now in the hands of Banias .The Dravidians must stage a war against the Banias to get independence for Dravida Nadu. This was their main slogan of Dravidian leaders in those days.

The present Tamilians have never participated in the Dravidian movement and they have only heard or read about it. Lakhs of our Tamil brother’s were killed in Srilanka. The people who are now talking about Dravidian ideology have not given any helping hand to them thinking that they are belonging to some other race and shed their tears only.

Now Kalaignar Karunanidhi telling to strengthen the Dravidian force is now telling about Aryan and Dravidian ideology. Karunanidhi must explain whether Brahmins living in Tamil Nadu for the last thousands of years are Aryans or Dravidians. Whether Karunanidhi will now stage a war against the present Banias [North Indians] to get freedom for Dravidians. It is also not known whether our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Soniaji will accept Karunanidhis present intention of Dravidian ideology.


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