Posted by: ramrajya | June 27, 2010

The family Conference that “Kovai “has seen. Tamil speech S.V.Ramani.

The family Conference that “Kovai “has seen. Tamil speech S.V.Ramani.

Former president of India Dr Abdul Kalam is nowhere in the list of dignitaries or speakers participating in the five-day global Tamil summit at Kovai. “The sad part is that Dr Kalam has not been extended the courtesy of an invitation even though he is a Tamil and was the first citizen of India until recently,” said an associate, adding, “Please do not quote me; it’s too embarrassing.” “Dr Kalam is not just a missile scientist, not just a former president of India, but also a Tamil scholar in his own right as he had penned hundreds of Tamil poems and written essays.”

“The chief minister of Tamil Nadu had sent his son Mr Alagiri and party MP T. R. Baalu to invite all the Central ministers, Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi and deputed senior minister Durai Murugan to Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Trivandrum to present the invitations to the chief ministers. He chose to ignore Dr Kalam, perhaps because he had not come for the felicitations of Karunanidhi completing 50 years in Assembly,” said Dr V. Meitreyan, AIADMK Parliamentary Party leader.

“Junior Vikatan “Tamil magazine in its issue dated 30-6-2010 has explained that the World classical Tamil Conference as the family conference which “Kovai “has seen. Junior also states that in the dais to see the procession Karunanidhis family members were occupying the chairs and the foreign Tamil scholars were standing without even having a place to sit.

I have explained the story as was written by Junior Vikatan in its issue dated 30-6-2010.



  1. Tamil is indeed a great language and has made vast contributions to our literary traditions. But so also has been the contribution of Sanskrit to the richness of South Indian culture. I have blogged about this at


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