Posted by: ramrajya | July 9, 2010

Kodaikanal School Correspondent M.L.Bright in sex abuse case.

In a fresh development in the sexual harassment case involving the correspondent of the Kodaikanal Public School, the statements of five of its students were recorded in-camera by a judicial magistrate at Nilakottai court in Dindigul district on Wednesday. Relatives of the students, in the age group of 10 and 14, later alleged they had been sexually harassed by the school correspondent, ML Bright, who is now in police custody. The issue came under spotlight when a young girl, a class IX student, lodged a police complaint against Bright, alleging sexual harassment by him.
The magistrate also sent Bright to police custody for three days. The students alleged that 17 of them had been given a fee waiver and asked to pay just Rs 500 per month for their education in the institution on condition that they resided in the correspondent’s bungalow and not the hostel.
Only female students were given this ‘opportunity’ and this year when school started on June 1, seventeen of them were shifted to the bungalow on June 4.

The girl had alleged that Bright was in the habit of asking the girls to come dressed in their night clothes to watch English movies with him on television. During the hearing, the investigating officer and the court staff were present.

Bright had surrendered in the Srivillipurthur court last week. Newspapers daily bringing some Sex abuse cases by Religious Saints, Police officials Priests and educational Institution officials. Unless people to take a vow to remove them from the Society, these fraud people will come repeatedly by nook and corner.
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  1. When I was studying 8th std. at one of M L Bright’s school. I have heard lot of stories about him exploiting teachears to have sex with him. Now I am 40. I wonder How this guy was able to survive all these years without been caught!!

  2. This OLD WOMANISER is the owner of so many KPS group of institutions in KOTAGIRI, KANYAKUMARI, MADURAI AND KODAIKANNAL, He is also running an orphanage exclusively for teenage and adolescent girls in Karamadi near Mettupalayam where I have heard that all these girls are sexually abused. The police have to transfer this case to CBCID and do a very proper investigation to punish this culprit. A past student Kalayogini who studied of KPS COLLEGE Kotagiri made an attempt to commit suicide because of this fellow. A group of teachers who went to report to the Vice Chancellor of Bharathiar University in Coimbatore regarding his misbehavior have submitted a report to the VC but no action taken. If proper investigation is done thousands of stories will come out. near where I have heard that

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