Posted by: ramrajya | July 20, 2010

Whether Tamil Nadu Labour Minister received Rs.25, lakhs Bribe?

Whether Tamil Nadu Labour Minister received Rs.25, lakhs Bribe?

CPI (M) MLA C. Govindasamy, representing the Tiurpur constituency, was expelled from the primary membership of the party for defying the decision of the party district committee against organizing felicitation for DMK Ministers.

The party State secretary G. Ramakrishnan, who attended the district committee meeting in which the decision on expulsion was taken, said, “We were under compulsion to expel him as he refused to change his attitude even after he was given a long rope.”

Mr. Govindasamy was removed as the leader of the CPI (M) in the Assembly and from the State committee in the wake of allegations that in 2008 he acted as a conduit between the owners of the Tirupur hosiery units and the Labour Minister against the interest of the workers.

“When the hosiery units faced action from the Labour department for violating labour laws with regard to overtime, the owners of the unit collected Rs. 25 lakh and the bribe amount was passed on to the Minister through the Tirupur M.L.A.,” District Secretary Mr Kamaraj said.

Mr. Kamaraj also said the party was left with no option but to explain the truth behind his expulsion because Mr. Govindasamy had been leveling baseless allegations against the party.

It is now for Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to find out the fact, whether his labour minister has received the bribe amount from the hosiery units for violating labour laws.


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