Posted by: ramrajya | July 29, 2010

Actor S.V.Sekar and politics with Dravidian parties.

Actor S.V.Sekar and politics with Dravidian parties.

S.V.Sekar is a Tamil playwright and a film actor known best for his humor and for his public welfare initiatives. In 2006, he made an entry into politics by contesting and winning the Legislative Assembly Elections as an All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) candidate from Mylapore.

On June 2009 he decided to start his own party after he had issues with AIADMK, and was expelled from the party, due to anti-party activities. In Feb 2009 he started Brahmins Association under the banner FEBAS . He was expelled from ADMK on 30 July 2009. He is currently an unattached member in the tamil nadu legislative assembly (not representing any political party)

In the name of forward caste, Brahmins are being deprived of their right in getting employment and in other aspects. Sri.S.V.Sekhar Tamil Nadu M.L.A. came forward for fighting and getting Seven Percent Reservation for Brahmins like other caste people. When other caste people are having their own caste association for raising their grievances, S.V. Sekar gave the voice for the poor people in the Brahmin community for getting their legitimate rights.

But it is not known why he has joined with DMK, knowing that Kalaignar always having the caste feelings to achieve his political power and let down Brahmin community, and having a tendency of criticizing Hindu Gods. Kalaignar actually having the assistance of Brahmins for his Yoga practice, medical treatment and other official guidance but always criticize them as upper caste.

Brahmins never created any caste feelings with anybody and they have contributed a lot for Tamil language and for the freedom of our Indian Country. But the so-called Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu, who supported British rulers, are nourishing the caste parties for getting votes in elections and to want to retain their Kingdom in politics.

It is our request to S.V.Sekar to perform a programme and to donate the money for the cause of our Tamil brothers, who have been slaughtered in Tamil Eelam, and standing their as slaves in their own mother land. Peace and mental satisfaction will come only by helping helpless orphans.

We are now telling the story about S.V.Sekar as published by Kumudam Reporter in its issue dated 29-7-2010.


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