Posted by: ramrajya | August 6, 2010

S.Ve.Sekhar comedy speech “It is a private affair of Saint Nithyananda having intimacy with Actress.”

S.Ve.Sekhar comedy speech “It is a private affair of Saint Nithyananda having intimacy with Actress.”

S.Ve.Sekhar is a stage comedian and a sitting MLA who won the 2006 elections as an AIADMK candidate but was expelled from AIADMK.

Now the Stage drama star is in the news of “Malai Malar” magazine dated
5-8-2010. At least this time it is not for political reasons. S.Ve. Shekhar, met the sex controversial god-man Nithyananda who was in the news recently for a compromising position with a Tamil actress. Sun TV has broad castled thro’ a video clip on 2-3-2010 which opened the face of the Nityananda with a film actress, and every half an hour this was broad castled by Sun TV throughout the world.

Now this meeting between the two went on at the saint ashramam.
Nithyananda has reportedly given “healing touch” therapy to S.Ve. Shekhar as he was suffering from throat pain. S.Ve. Shekhar has returned to Chennai with a comedian smile as his throat pain got healed after the therapy.

He has given a interview to the “Malai Malar” magazine and the same was published in the issue dated 5-8-2010. S.Ve.Sekhar says that Rishis are having homely life and doing spiritual duties. S.Ve.Swekhar must understand that there is a lot of difference between a Rishi and a Saint. Rishi can have a homely life but a Saint has to leave all his desires, property and other relationship with his family. After taking sanyasa he cannot claim anything as his own.

In Bhagavad-Gita Lord Krishna explained about Dyana Yoga to Arjuna. Krishna says a true sanyasi is one who has no attachments to worldly things. He has no self-interest and whatever he does is for the benefit of society. The sanyasi lives a celibate life without possessions, practices yoga meditation or in other traditions.

A Sanyasi’s vow of renunciation typically forbids him from-

Owning personal property apart from a bowl, a cup, two sets of clothing and medical aids.

Having any contact with, looking at, thinking of or even being in the presence of women and eating for pleasure.

Possessing or even touching money or valuables in any way, shape or form and maintaining personal relationships.

It is my request that S.Ve.Sekhar must devote his attention towards the improvement of Federation of Brahmin Association and do some good things to the affected poor Brahmin people.


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