Posted by: ramrajya | August 6, 2010

With 15 MP’s DMK got five ministers in Centre but refused share with Congress in Tamil Nadu.

With 15 MP’s DMK got five ministers in Centre but refused share with Congress in Tamil Nadu.

Former Union minister and irrepressible state Congress leader E V K S Elangovan fired yet another salvo against ally DMK, accusing the government of “blacking out” the achievements of the Congress-led government at the Centre. Times of India explained this news in its issue dated 5-8-2010.

In what is seen as another potential irritant in the Congress-DMK alliance ahead of the crucial assembly elections due next May, Elangovan said the DMK government refused to give due “credit and publicity” to the Centrally-sponsored schemes implemented by the Congress-led UPA regime at the Centre. Though the Central government offered rice at a subsidised rate, the DMK government in Tamil Nadu projected it as ‘Kalaignar’s one rupee one kg rice scheme’. Also, the emergency ambulance scheme 108 was fully funded by the Central government, but the DMK government claimed full credit for the scheme.

Though Tamil Nadu Congress president K V Thangkabalu directed partymen not to talk on issues of alliance, Elangovan who was earlier instrumental in breaking the Congress-AIADMK alliance through his explosive statements, continues to lash out at Congress’s present ally, the DMK. At a meeting of the party’s youth wing activists on Wednesday, Elangovan also criticised the DMK for ‘refusing’ to share power with the Congress in Tamil Nadu, though it was short of majority in the assembly.

“With 15 MPs, the DMK has got five ministers at the Centre. But the DMK does not want to share power in Tamil Nadu,” he charged. He called upon the Congress partymen to strive hard towards bringing in Congress rule in Tamil Nadu. Later, Elangovan told TOI that his remarks were not aimed at provoking the DMK leadership. “At the meeting, party cadres felt that Congress was not being given its due by the DMK. So, I reflected the views of the party cadre.” He refused to comment on whether he was opposed to the continuance of the DMK-Congress alliance. “Alliance issues will be decided by the party high command,” he said

In our conclusion we have to say that the Independence of India was attained from the British Rulers by scarifying several thousands of Martyrs and in their blood only we have achieved our goal. In Tamil Nadu Great leaders like Karmaveerar Kamaraj, Bakthavathsalam, C.Subramaniam, Mootharingnar Rajaji have tirelessly worked for the development of Congress Party and people and they have run the Congress Government with purity and ethical code of conduct and they have been appreciated by all.

Now E.V.K.S. Elangovan has openly told to his party men to strive hard towards bringing in Congress rule in Tamil Nadu which everybody will appreciate.

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